Control for gravity compensation in tendon-driven upper limb exosuits

To find an intuitive way of human-robot interaction with the Myoshirt, we compared three different force control schemes: a direct force controller, a direct force controller with friction compensation, an indirect force controller.

Simplifying Exosuits: Kinematic Couplings in the Upper Extremity during Daily Living Tasks

In the past few years, several light-weight soft wearable robots, so called exosuits, for upper extremity assistance have been developed. The design of exosuits is often based on a bio-mimetic design approach, mimicking the human biomechanics. …

A Method for Quantifying Interaction Forces in Wearable Robots

We developed and tested a method to quantify normal and shear forces in textile human-robot interfaces.

A novel pneumatic stimulator for the investigation of noise-enhanced proprioception

Executing coordinated movements requires that motor and sensory systems cooperate to achieve a motor goal. Impairment of either system may lead to unstable and/or inaccurate movements. In rehabilitation training, however, most approaches have focused …